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2 Week Food and Fitness Challenge

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2 week Food and Fitness Challenge: Jumpstart Your Best Summer Body


Step 1:  Determine your “WHY” – in other words, set some personal goals you’d like to see from this 2 week jumpstart.

For example:  I want to get back to the fitness and lean body I had before I broke my foot last September.  I had trained hard all summer and paid close attention to my diet to get ready for a reunion with friends at the beach.  My body fat was the lowest it had been since college!


Step 2:  Set time to Plan and Prepare for this 2 weeks.  Many of the recipes for the challenge come from food available at Trader Joes. Make your shopping list ahead, so you aren’t making multiple trips to the market.


Step 3: Share your recipes and post your success on INSTAGRAM using hashtag #2weekjumpstart


Step 4:  Commit to adding and extra 30 minutes a day to your current workout routine.   This can be a 15 minute walk or run in the am and another one later in the day; or a 30 minute walk at lunch. How about 15 minutes of yoga and stretching at night while watching TV?


Step 5:  Find time, 5-10 minutes a day for quiet time- prayer, meditation.  One of the best ways to get rid of belly fat is thru stress reduction.  In this time, be aware of your breathing.  Take slow deep breaths in and let it out even slower.  I like to count to 4 when inhaling and count to 8 when exhaling.  Try It!



Here are the Guidelines:


Foods to eliminate during the 14 days:

All refined flours and sugars. NO sugars, syrups, jellies, honey, agave, or other forms of sugar. NO white flour or other refined flours, including pasta.

NO cheese and dairy (an exception is a small amount of milk for coffee or tea- although I recommend using ALMOND milk)

Processed potatoes, including chips and fries. (baked or boiled sweet potatoes are allowed.)


Sweetened beverages

Artificial sweeteners

-Preservatives and any seasonings with MSG.


Foods to include:

Fresh fruits– as many as you want. No dried fruits.

Vegetables:  ALL ok.  Eat at least one salad daily.

Whole grains, including sprouted grain bread, brown rice, quinoa, oats, barely or millet.

1 oz. portion of nuts or seeds, daily- not more

Legumes.  There are a variety of choices, like lentils, red beans, garbanzo beans, peas and edamame.

Lean meats like fish, poultry and eggs.  Grass-fed beef and organic free-range meats and eggs are recommended.


Here is a sample of a 1- day menu:


Before breakfast, drink 12 oz. of room temperature or warm water with lemon squeeze.



Protein Shake:  Almond milk, ½ frozen banana, ½ cup mixed berries or 1 small apple, 1 handful fresh spinach or kale, + protein powder  ( I recommend the COMPLETE vanilla or chocolate, as it contains plant based protein, no sugar, and high quality ingredients)


Option 2:  Egg and Kale and Tomato sauté

Other recipes will be posted daily on this website.



Asian Chopped Chicken Salad OR Spicy Quinoa, Black Bean and Mushroom Soup + simple side salad



Skillet Shrimp and Quinoa + Simple salad OR

Turkey Chili with brown rice and Simple Salad



Apple + 1 oz. almonds

Shake (instead of at breakfast)

2 Tbsp. Guacamole-Spicy Edamame Dip from TJ’s or Hummus with fresh chopped veggies

1 Hard Boiled egg

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