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Can You Squat for 10 Minutes?

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Ever heard the phrase “if you don’t USE it, you LOSE it!”?

Well this applies to the flexibility and mobility in your legs and the rest of your body as well! If you don’t USE these ranges of motion (like a FULL squat) on a regular basis, you eventually LOSE that ability (and much more) over time!  So what do you do about it? Can this range of motion be regained? ABSOLUTELY!

photo[3]A few years ago, I was NOWHERE near being able to sit comfortably in this position, BUT for the past several years, I’ve been devoting myself to regaining what is naturally mine!

Here’s the test!

Simply sit down into a rock bottom squat (butt to ankles), and see if you can stay down there for 10 minutes!

If you have adequate hip and ankle mobility and flexibility, you should actually be able to do this for the entire 10 minutes (believe it or not!)

In fact, in MOST parts of the world, the squat is actually a RESTING position! That’s right….people actually use the squat instead of sitting in chairs when its time to rest.

The secret ingredients for mobility? Here they are:

MOBILITY = Learning the TECHNIQUE of the movement (Squatting) + Using DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE to get the knots out that are restricting your range of motion + CEMENTING IN that new range of motion with PNF Stretching!

Thats it! Mobility = Technique + Massage + Stretching.

Reclaim your mobility and you have reclaimed your potential for movement, which is the greatest gift you could ever give yourself!

Whether you want your body to function pain free when you are 80, 90 or 100 years old, or if you need the mobility to improve your sports performance, get to work now, and reap the rewards of a pain free, silky smooth movement capacity…and a fun new way to sit! 🙂

Thanks to Shane Dowd and Legacy Athletics for this great test on strength and mobility!

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