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With Lisa’s help I feel more energized and I am empowered by the healthy changes she helped me make in my life. -Glory Rae Finnegan

Glory Finnegan
I feel so fortunate to have had Lisa and Body Built For Sport’s guidance during my wellness journey. For years I had a difficult time understanding that my lack of energy, brain fog, and fatigue was due to my diet. Being an athlete is taxing on both the body and the mind, especially if you are not getting the correct fuel for your performance. As an athlete herself, Lisa is understanding of all the challenges and pressures an athlete faces. Lisa helped create a reasonable, flexible, and personalized meal plan to fit my dietary restrictions and rigorous professional dance career. With Lisa’s help I feel more energized and I am empowered by the healthy changes she helped me make in my life. I am confident that with Lisa’s guidance, you will find a flexible yet consistent plan towards happiness and health- just like me!

Glory Rae Finnegan, Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology, Charger Girl

I couldn’t believe that in a few short weeks, I could already see a difference! -Erika Morris

I have always been active: soccer and dance as a child, swim and water polo in high school; and hiking, the mandatory gym membership, walking my hyper dog, yoga, and Bar Method as an adult. I also wasn’t raised eating unhealthy foods and I thought my seemingly healthy eating habits, in conjunction with my work out routine, were creating the best body I could have.Erika M - Body Built For Sport

I thought I was as good as I was going to get without changing everything in my life. Working with Lisa changed that! She carefully listened to all my dietary restrictions, dietary guilty pleasures, day-to-day activities and work out habits to create a plan that fit my lifestyle.

Her plan was easy to follow and fit seamlessly into my life.
My work outs were more intense, I had more energy and my body changed! I was able to see actual muscle definition all over my body and the broad frame I thought I was destined to live with, melted into a frame more refined and defined. Lisa’s guidance, expertise and support have changed my life!


Erika Morris

Lisa’s small and manageable tweaks in my daily diet have made massive positive changes to my well being! -Allison McCurdy

Lisa & Allison

Allison is a busy woman. As owner of The Bar Method Point Loma studio in San Diego, a wife, and mother of two young boys, finding time to stay in shape and eat mindfully is a challenge…especially for someone who’s business depends on her staying fit and being a role model for clients.

Allison has always been an athlete. She grew up playing soccer and competitive swimming. She is an avid skier and hiker, and not only regularly takes Bar Method classes, but teaches up to 20 classes each week.

“Staying in shape and taking Bar Method class is a requirement for my job as an instructor and owner. After the birth of my second son, I found myself extremely busy coordinating two kids under the age of 3, running my business full time, training new instructors, teaching class, and trying to find time to take class myself. A proper diet was the last priority on my list. I also had to lose those last 10 baby pounds! Lisa helped me design a realistic eating program that worked for my schedule and busy lifestyle”.

Aside from my work and home life, I have a number of challenges with my diet. I have many food allergies, ranging from milk and nut allergies to gluten intolerance. I eat a mainly vegetarian diet. With a new baby, nursing, and work constraints, I was lacking sleep and proper nutrition, so Lisa stepped in to help. I was not eating the right foods to keep me and baby energetic and healthy. Given the lack of time I have to prepare meals and explore different options, I was at a loss of what to.

“Lisa helped me find healthy options and introduced me to simple and quick whole foods to add to my diet to maximize my energy and keep my body lean. Lisa helped me lose my extra “baby weight”. She tested my body fat and took before and after measurements. She designed an exercise and meal plan for me to follow that was easy to stick to. Within 4 months, I had lost 4 percent body fat and was able to get back to my pre pregnancy weight and feel good in my jeans again. I actually ended up a size smaller than before my first child! Part of Lisa’s meal plan for me included supplements that not only I but my entire family take daily. I took the supplements during pregnancy and continue to take them because they give me energy and clarity. I no longer drink caffeine and eat minimal sugar. My body is more efficient and I sleep more soundly. Lisa’s small and manageable tweaks in my daily diet have made massive positive changes to my well being. It’s been minimal effort with a lifetime of benefit!”

Allison McCurdy, Owner
Bar Method, Point Loma

With Lisa’s help I was able to run 26.2 miles for the first time in my life! -Tanya Gandy

Tanya Gandy ran her first marathon, the San Diego Rock n’ Roll on June 2. 2013 and finished under 5 hours. What a huge accomplishment, considering she plays water polo and has not done much running in the past.  Tanya was a member of the US Olympic Women’s Water Polo training team,  4 time NCAA champion at UCLA,  2 time MVP for NCAA and NCAA player of the year during her senior year at UCLA.
Tanya is an athlete and in great physical condition, but training for a marathon was completely different than what she is used to. She’s used to 6 hours of in the water training + weight lifting and no outside the pool cardio at all. She relied heavily on her mental toughness, work ethic and competitive drive to push through long runs and consistent endurance workouts however nutrition was a part of her training that needed much work.
“Lisa helped me with my pre- race meal planning, my nutrition and hydration during the race,  and my post run recovery plan.  I wasn’t sure exactly what I should be eating and how much I should be hydrating before the race.  With Lisa’s help I was able to run 26.2 miles for the first time in my life!  I felt strong for most of the race.  The last 6 miles were grueling, consisting of 2 miles all uphill.   I know I needed to keep fueling and hydrating my body, but i wasn’t sure when i should be stopping to drink water or eat a quick snack.
I definitely believe that my dinner before the race and my breakfast the morning of was the perfect combination to keep me going. However, after 3.5 hours of running I needed a boost of support and advice throughout the finish. When my body did not feel like eating, Lisa knew what was best and provided me with the right fuel for my body. Lisa encouraged me to push myself with both my running and nutrition. (She actually ran the last 7 miles with me which was so appreciated) .   I honestly don’t know if I would have finished the race if I didn’t have her ongoing support and I cannot thank her enough for helping me accomplish something that I have always wanted to do!!
Tanya Gandy


I feel the best I have ever felt in my entire life on the inside and out! – Nicole Yantos

I always thought I ate a fairly healthy diet and maintained a decent exercise regime. I have never considered myself overweight, but I always was trying to become more tone and slim. Nothing ever seemed to work.

After getting engaged in December 2014, I decided it was time to really focus on my health and try to achieve those goals of becoming more tone and slim. Before The Bar Method, I was doing Pilates about 3-4 days a week, running occasionally, surfing whenever I got a chance and eating what I had thought to be a healthy diet (which included lots of cheese, at least 1-2 cups of coffee per day, some processed food and at least a cookie or some sort of “small” sugary treat for dessert!). Although I was working out pretty regularly, I never saw the changes in my body I was looking for.
I first changed my diet and primarily ate plant-based foods. I cut out cheese, coffee, processed foods and my daily cookie. Although I still eat these foods every once and awhile (cheese is just too delicious to cut out completely!), I have made a conscious effort to avoid them in my day-to-day diet. I felt great after doing this, but I was still looking for more.

Then, I began my journey with The Bar Method. As a soon-to-be-bride, I signed up for the bridal package which included a consultation with nutritionist, Lisa Belott. Even though I had recently changed my diet, Lisa had a ton of great nutritional advice and tips. It is amazing how much better you feel throughout the day just by drinking warm or room temperature lemon water first thing in the morning. I can tell when I don’t get enough water in a day…hydration is key! Although I am not vegetarian or vegan, I was not getting a lot of protein since my diet was primarily plant-based. She advised how I could increase my daily protein intake (protein powder, nutritional yeast, eggs, etc.)… and I contribute a large part of my lean muscles to the protein advice she gave me!

While maintaining healthy eating habits, I also started attending class 5-7 days a week and have done this regularly since I joined The Bar Method. The changes in my body have been incredible. I am down a pant size, have lean muscles, stand straighter, have more stamina and have mental clarity. I feel the best I have ever felt in my entire life on the inside and out! I consider myself incredibly lucky to be a part of such an amazing community with some of the most intelligent, strong and inspiring women I have ever met.
Thank you, Lisa and The Bar Method Point Loma for providing a welcoming, healthy community and for all the encouragement and motivation to get my body wedding ready. I now have a tone, slim body because of you lovely ladies! I will walk down the aisle next month as a healthy, strong and confident Bar Bride.

Nicole Yantos