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Lisa Belott - Body Built For Sport

Lisa Belott

Lisa’s Story

Lisa has had a passion for sports, health and fitness since childhood.  She earned a BA degree from SDSU in Physical Education and Sports Medicine and an Associate degree in Cardiovascular Medicine.

She spent 18 years in the medical field.  She started Body Built for Sport to inspire and support athletes of all levels.

When asked what led Lisa to form BBFS she explained, “As a young girl I would stay up late watching Monday Night Football with my dad. I lived on the East Coast and shouldn’t have been up that late on a school night!  I was involved in multiple sports growing up which led to my work as a fitness instructor and a runner and now a devoted Pilates enthusiast.

When I was younger, I didn’t make the connection between the food I ate and my performance in sports.  I thought drinking a diet Pepsi and grabbing a handful of nuts before teaching was all I needed to get through an hour long, physically taxing aerobics class.

I couldn’t understand how I could teach 3 or 4 fitness classes a day and run 3 days a week and never change my body.   My energy was low and my body fat was high.  What’s wrong with that picture? I was fueling it with the wrong food!  Once I discovered how powerful food functions in our bodies, my whole way of eating and thinking about food changed.  I love sharing my passion for sports nutrition with athletes so they can optimize their athletic performance.”

As a Licensed Sports Nutritionist and Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Lisa believes she is living her calling: to educate others on proper diet.  Athletes need a variety and balance of high-octane food to perform their best.  Her mission as founder of BBFS is to help athletes reach their highest potential by teaching them about their bodies and what foods are best for their specific sport(s).   By looking at the whole person, and connecting the mental with the physical, BBFS can help athletes become exceptional!